Message From CEO

Diversity in our environment is beautiful and causes a variety of life.

Right-footed mountains, colorful flowers, beautiful trees, various beasts, waves of water, vast seas and plains, stream of winds and gentle breeze, clouds and colors of the sky, and all of you are the creator of the wise and wise God. Understanding the beauty of nature is a common and irreconcilable thing among humans, and it is the unity of nature and harmony in the sense of beauty.

The optimal and appropriate use of the environment; so that it can be done by utilizing the areas and natural resources for the production of goods and services, eliminates personal and social needs without losing or transforming the original capital. We are human beings.

Environmental degradation often occurs in the form of contaminants. Physical, chemical, and radioactive contaminants are responsible for the destruction of natural tissue and the change in the growth rate of species of beings and endangers the health, well-being, comfort and rights of human beings.

The engineering team of Kish Co., with the policy of customer orientation, has always striven for the sustainability and environmental integrity of the company, and based on the expertise and technical knowledge, the quality and variety of products in pursuit of the environmental goals of the various industries will not be any effort.

We hope to bring the green and heavenly industrial plant to the country of Iran with the services of the company.

Mehdi Maman Poosh

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